Dr. Gareth Sullivan

Group Leader at Oslo University Hospital and a PI at the Hybrid Technology Hub - Centre of Excellence at the University of Oslo

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    Oslo University Hospital

Dr. Gareth Sullivan Рis a group leader at Oslo University Hospital and a PI at the Hybrid Technology Hub РCentre of Excellence at the University of Oslo, (http://www.med.uio.no/hth/english/). He holds a PhD in molecular cell biology from the University of Dundee, Scotland and performed his post-doctoral research at the Centre of Regenerative Medicine, University of Edinburgh with Sir Prof. Ian Wilmut. In addition he has over 8 years industrial experience, as a CSO, working in both the toxicology and next generation sequencing fields. His current research has turned to what dictates cellular fate decision, along with the utilization of induced pluripotent stem cells to study disease in the dish. The overall focus of the lab now is the development of faithful liver models using human pluripotent stem cells to allow the dissection of both debilitating metabolic pediatric disease and infectious diseases. In addition to provide tools to investigate toxicology, reduce drug failure rates and enable regenerative medicine. The Sullivan group was first to demonstrate the generation of functional hepatocyte like cells from human iPSCs derived from different ethnic backgrounds. This has led to the establishment of the first small molecule driven hepatocyte differentiation procedure and is presently being translated to large-scale 3D liver organoid production.